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About Corinthian Marine Carpet

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Experience & Quality

The team at Corinthian Marine, a division of Corinthian Textiles, has more than thirty years’ experience in the design, development and manufacturing of marine grade carpeting, boat flooring, and boat mats. We are unique as a marine carpet supplier that not only, manufactures the majority of our marine grade carpeting, we also fabricate the finished Aquamat ® marine mat. Our standards are high to ensure our customers receive the consistent quality and value they expect.

Direct from the Manufacturer

Corinthian Marine operates facilities in Dalton, Georgia and Portland, Oregon, enabling us to respond quickly to our customers' needs, no matter where they are. Since we are located in “The Carpet Capital of the World”, we are entrenched in the latest carpet manufacturing technologies that we utilize to get ahead of the current style, color and backing system trends for our marine grade carpet and flooring products. Our reputation for breadth of product offering and quality sets us apart from the rest.