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AQUAMAT® Marine Flooring Edge Treatments

We offer 4 binding options to choose for your custom AQUAMAT® depending on your budget and taste.

  • Escho binding a654294cd013f351f8aeb5d2da44a7bc69efbf47751c51fbc9c637b6a4d4b8be

    Web Binding

    Economical web fabric

  • Vinyl binding f87f0be6443e2373ab9abb627ab60f0e46f54a2500e618165ccb554d271d6b0a

    Vinyl Binding

    Standard marine vinyl for excellent durability

  • Sunbrella binding e665a934b6268480619aa3a1dfe9dfd396a9340a2c5264845e3a8ef5bd1e61d1

    Sunbrella Binding

    Canvas upgrade for a different look and feel

  • Serged binding 7e4abb338c1f4e37a68b6f52aaab3cfe59d36eaa02e3cf3d6f4defaf2cd3a45b

    Yarn Serged Binding

    The ultimate in edge finish, we will serge your mat with a coordinating yarn