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Corinthian Marine’s Exclusive SNAPLESS installation system

We want your mat to install as easily as possible and having to replace snaps on your boat mats so they match the studs in your boat isn’t easy. And if we put the snaps in for you, you can’t be assured of the perfect fit. That’s why we invented a hook and loop attachment system just for the marine environment– the easiest AquaMat® installation ever that has been tried and proven. Here’s how it works:

  1. We sew the hook and loop into the binding.
  2. When you receive your mat, you lay it into the boat exactly as you want it.
  3. You clean the fiberglass with rubbing alcohol in the areas where the snapless system will stick to the floor.
  4. Once the fiberglass is clean, you pull back the areas of the mat where the attachment is, peel off the “sticky” components and adhere them to the floor.
  5. Let it cure for 24 hours and that’s it: a perfectly installed AquaMat® that will stay in place. Yet it still can be removed for cleaning or drying or whatever you need.
  6. Existing snaps in fiberglass can be left or removed.

Perfectly easy snapless installation system for your boat!