Making an AquaMat® Snap-In Boat Carpet Template

You can use your own materials or one of our AquaMat® Snap-in Template Kits. All you need is pattern material, such as brown craft paper, or a heavy plastic (that will not stretch when pulled or hold a crease), marking pen, straight edge, scissors and packing, masking or painters tape.

  1. Create Pattern
  2. Mark Template
  3. Cut & Check Template
  4. Mail Template

Custom AquaMat® Snap-in Carpet Template Instructions

NOTE: We cannot accept old carpet mat sets to use as templates primarily because carpet can stretch and lose its shape over time, making it a poor choice as a pattern. You can use your old carpet to create a template but be sure to test fit the template and make adjustments to ensure a proper fit.

Download Instructions AquaMat® Order Form

Step 1: Create Pattern

There are 2 sets of instructions below based on whether or not you have your original carpet mats or if you are working directly on your boat.
OPTION 1: Trace Pattern from Existing Mat
  • Lay template material flat on hard surface.
  • Lay existing mats on template material and trace each one carefully, avoiding any slipping or movement of mats.
  • Draw around pedestal seats, table holes and any other areas that you want carpeted. Use dash lines to indicate slits, such as access slits for table holes and hatch lid flaps.
OPTION 2: Create a New Template from Scratch
  • Lay template material on the floor of boat, arranging material to lie flat.
  • Leaving 1/2” gap around the edges for drainage, draw or cut around edges of desired mat pieces. Be careful to avoid any slipping or movement of material.
  • Continue to draw or cut around pedestal seats, table holes and any other areas that you want carpeted. Use dash lines to indicate slits, such as access slits for table holes and hatch lid flaps.

No matter which of the 2 options chosen for step one, please complete steps 2, 3, & 4.

Step 2: Mark Template

Each piece of your template should have the following information:

  1. Arrow showing direction of bow.
  2. "Top" written on the side that will face up when complete.
  3. Your Name and Phone Number.
  4. Pieces included (marked as 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc)
  5. Carpet color and style name

Step 3: Cut & Check Template

  • Cut template along lines you have drawn, including seats, table holes & bolsters. Do not cut access slits because it could distort the piece.
    • There will be a $50 fee for templates not cut out completely.
  • Reinstall the template on your boat to check for fit. This is the step most often skipped. Trust us. Test it. It is important!
  • Make sure the template lies flat, with no bubbles or wrinkles. Your new AquaMat® will be an exact representation of your template. Make any adjustments necessary before shipping.

Step 4: Mail Template

For optimum interpretation of your template pattern, roll it and package it in a shipping tube. Folding your completed template may cause creases or wrinkles which could impact fit. Send completed pattern to:

Corinthian Marine Carpet
ATTN: Custom AquaMat® Department
2000 SE Milport Road
Portland, OR 97222

Once we receive your template you will be contacted with the final price. Production of your custom AquaMat® will begin immediately upon your approval and will normally ship within 14 days. Corinthian guarantees your custom AquaMat® will exactly duplicate the template you provide. All of our custom AquaMats® have a 3-year warranty.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

AquaMat® Snap-in Template Kit

This kit contains instructions, order form, pattern material, marker, carpet samples and a return mailing label.

The kit costs $30.00 but you will receive a $15.00 credit toward your Custom AquaMat® purchase or a free 18" x 24" step mat (color un-specific)

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